Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Jack 33 Months

Oh precious boy, you are growing too fast and I don't want to forget a thing!

...like how you finally, finally learned to actually smack your lips when you kiss me
...how you always grabs my cheeks to turn and face you so can try and lay a wet one right on my mouth
...how you give me unsolicited I love yous
...how you tell knock knock jokes: knock knock. Who's there? Interrupting horse. Interrupting horse who? Moo!!!
...or your latest favorite: knock knock. Who's there? Nevermind!
...how you say "ackshilly" for actually and just how often you say it
...how you like to run up and whisper in my ear that you want a baby tiger
...how you insisted a deer we saw was "ackshilly a cow"
...or how you told me that the goose poop we were trying to avoid was "ackshilly tiger poop"
...and then later "ackshilly it is elephant poop I mean"
...how you uses phrases like "I mean"
...how you asked me if we could stay in Sunriver always
...how you can be so unexpectedly timid about just about everything like slides and riding down hills on mommy's bike
...how you love to hold "babies" that are pretty much the same size as you
...your obsession over Thomas and then Gordon and now Spencer
...how you ask me to snuggle you
...how you got your first bee sting on your chin and how you told me proudly that "the bee died"
...how you ask to wear your Seahawks shirt so you can play baseball 
...and how you asked me to sign you up for a baseball team
...how you think each and every Flintstone vitamin I give you is "a baby ballerina"

You are stubborn and precious and I am 100% smitten.

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